Solidarity not Charity

solidarity with refugees

It's summer! For all people especially western activists, who are planning to leave their countries to go somewhere else (Balkan or elsewhere) to do political or humanitarian work and volunteer during the holidays, we were collecting some advices which we think would be important to consider.


1. Think about your aim of going somewhere: Why do you want to go somewhere else and why don‘t you want to stay in your country and share solidarity there. Struggle is everywhere.

2. Make sure that you understand the meaning of common struggle and please don‘t come as a saviour, consider that the people you are coming to "help"might have bigger knowledge and more experiences than you.
It is always important to talk and discuss about social topics like sexism, nationalism, racism and so on because they are existing everywhere and we want to create a world of equality for everybody. That also means that nobody should talk to other people from above. We are learning together and especially from each other. Self-reflection can be a long process and people need time and experiences, you as .

3. Consult with local people about the local political structures, they know the situation much better than you. But remember: NO COOPERATION WITH THE STATE! No cooperation with Who- and whatever is supporting the state structures. Rather ask the people about their needs. They want to make a demonstration? Talk to them, ask how you can support them.

4. Note that you should bring some time. In most of the cases some days are not enough! More weeks will be better and more useful. You can not build sustainable structures in some days!
So please don't bother local groups if you want to just make a stop on your way to somewhere, unless you are coming for a concrete action. Make sure that you will not steal their time. The people are overworked anyway.

5. Cooking is important, building up infrastructure in a squat is very useful, but beside these activities, use your imagination, try to find more creative ways how to support people whom's right to free movement is taken.
Remember also that summer is coming, people travel to holidays.
- Be aware of your privileges, use them! Use your passport and everything. Don‘t be scared! For people without papers everyday is a risk.
- Don't make decisions for other people. They have their own will and they know much better what they need. Do not think that you are in the position to control other people. There is already too much control over people in everything they do. Give people the possibility to cook together with you or for themselves. Strict food lines you might have in military, but not in self-organized actions and groups, please.

6. You must see problems in the political context. If you don't want to change the System you won't really help the people. You will just fill holes the state doesn't want to fill.


Fight Fortress Europe!

Together - hand in hand - one world one struggle
Solidarity will win!