The week that has been in climate and nuclear news

The U.S. Tested 67 Nuclear Bombs in Their Country. Now They’re Dying in Oklahoma

I am wondering if those who read this newsletter, (and many other people, too) are getting "climate change fatigue". "Nuclear fatigue" too, perhaps. Still, on the nuclear scene, nothing dramatic seems to be happening this week. Nevertheless, a bit like climate change, nuclear pollution is something that continues to creep up on the unaware world. Investigative journalism still lives: a new report tells of vast areas of America's land poisoned by mismanagement of military wastes. Not a good time to give up on reading about climate change, with the current debate on Is the Climate Emergency Just a Big Problem, or is it a Catastrophe?


Militarisation of Australia's police?


Climate denialism rules the Federal Liberal Party and is bringing about a split within it. The disgraceful state of Australia's politics and media on clean energy.

Australian States and Federal government approve 49 Finkel recommendations, but split on Clean Energy Target.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation sees rapid growth in renewables.


Did Australia cave in to France over Pacific nuclear bomb testing?

Quiet shipment of uranium from Australia to India - non signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty.

South Australia

Clear opposition to nuclear development in South Australia: no further tax-payer money should be wasted on it. Pro nuclear activities of MP Rowan Ramsey questioned.

Northern Territory

As ERA's Ranger Uranium mine lease to expire, town of Jabiru's future is not clear.


Queensland Liberal National Party members refuse to pull out of Paris Climate Accord.


I can no longer keep up with the many developments in solar, wind, efficiency, storage of energy etc. Best information source is Giles' Parkinson's REneweconomy.



We Still Have Time to Restore Our Climate. But the Climate Time Bomb Is Ticking.
Prof James Hansen warns on sea level rise: Earth could become ‘practically ungovernable’. Methane from thawing permafrost could be increasing the rate of global warming. $530 trillion costs for the future, if no effective action on climate change. Global Sea Ice Coverage Has Fallen Off a Cliff -- Impacts Likely to Be Wide-Ranging.


Will Small Nuclear Reactors be the great white hope for the ailing nuclear industry? Probably not.


Drought ravages South Europe crops.


Huge wildfires again in Canada - ">1000s forced to evacuate.


Japan map showing potential nuclear waste disposal sites  to be released. Japan's government planning protection in ">fear of radioactive terrorism at 2020 Olympics.

Fukushima Radiation and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Japan's local authorities want security measures: ">nuclear reactors a target for military or terrorists.


5.8 M Quake Near Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site;

Torrential Rains; Threats Of Increased Dumping of Radioactive Water to the Pacific. Underwater Robot  Begins Probing Fukushima Daiichi's No. 3 reactor. Will Tepco Dump 770,000 tons of Tritiated Water Into the Pacific Ocean?


Hot weather causes France to cut nuclear power output: (climate change is not good for nuclear reactors)

Europe's struggle to find a solution to nuclear waste disposal.


- Geoffrey Robertson puts the legal and moral case for phasing out Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent. Veteran British anti nuclear campaigners gaoled.
- UK's nuclear clean-up to cost £119 billion and take 120 years.
- UK threatens to return radioactive waste to EU without nuclear deal. UK Parliament select committee to inquire into government's plans to leave Euratom.
- Inconvenient financial facts about Britain's Hinkley Point C nuclear station
- cost to consumers rising to £50 billion? If Britain's Hinkley nuclear project is cancelled, Britain would have to pay around £22bn to France's EDF.


- Donald Trump ">will not be able to make the Iran nuclear deal fail - yet. America's intended new sanctions on Iran may violate the nuclear agreement.
- Marshallese people evacuated from their islands now face harsh situation in Oklahoma.
- Chicago at last to clean up its radioactive thorium pollution.
- USA government funding Westinghouse and universities to advance nuclear innovation.
- Donald Trump's policies mean serious damage to climate science research.
- Climate change is a ‘Direct Threat’ to Security says USA's Republican dominated Congress.
- NASA to develop nuclear power on Mars.


The Iran nuclear deal is working.


Nuclear and Renewable power really don't work well together.


On Mandela Day, South Africa's anti nuclear movement pledges to stop the government’s nuclear plans.


Villagers protest, and stop drilling work for proposed nuclear power plant in Chutka, India.

Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia