Gathering of 6000 Nazis in Germany seem no big deal..

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6000 specimens of the biggest originators of contemporary Terror in Germoney - the far-right aka Nazis had fun celebrating their fascist ideologies in Themar, Thuringia this weekend. Hundred-thousands of Euros income for far-right groups & politicians that were involved in organizing the fest. Reported among other things: personal injury, violations of arms law, threats, insults, damage to property and the display and bawling of anti-constitutional & racist bullshit en masse.

- No word from the biggest governmental news medium (while presenting the Interior Ministers new maniacal ideas how to deal with protesters after G20)..

Only last year there were around 25000 'registered' crimes from the far-right, among those approximately 3500 attacks on 'foreign people' which is an average of nearly 10 per day. #keinThemar

No results on ; no mentioning in their news.

Free Nazi salutes for everyone..


More pictures in front of the fenced off area:

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In 2 weeks there'll be the next show there...

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