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Left Kim Jong Un, right Trump

It's a toss-up as to which issue is now the most critical - climate change or nuclear war danger. I'm inclined to think - climate change. Some, like Paul Beckwith, Canadian climate system scientist, say that abrupt climate change is already with us, and drastic emergency measures are needed. Others are very concerned, pointing out severe problems - e.g. today's news - Asia faces climate change disaster.  On the nuclear scene, the world could be teetering at the brink of nuclear war, with North Korea ramping up its nuclear weapons, and Donald Trump tweeting belligerently, when what is needed is some new strategic foreign policy thinking.




Former head of BP calls for an end to the cynical and dishonest denial of climate change. Torres Strait islanders affected by climate change - evacuation eventually needed. The Great Barrier Reef is not going to survive climate change. World's unstoppable movement on climate change action - explained at Eco­city 2017 World Summit in Melbourne. Greenhouse gas emissions of Australian States: Queensland's the worst.


Rather than mindlessly toeing militaristic USA line, Australia could urge negotiations on North Korea crisis. Australia should join UN nuclear weapons ban treaty, when it opens in September.

With the sudden resignation of Greens Senator Scott Ludlam, Australia has lost arguably its most intelligent and public spirited member of parliament. This is a terrible loss for all who care about the environment, because Ludlam has been the most lucid, forceful and courteous voice for Australia's land and water, and for its indigenous people.


A States' led Clean Energy Target could work for Australia. Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and the ACT defy Turnbull, will "go it alone" on Clean Energy Target. Josh Frydenberg, Australia's Minister Against the Environment, warns the States not to act on clean energy target.

Australia's mining lobby has a win, with government's subtle tactic to hobble environmental groups.

No plans for real development of Adani coal mine expansion. Adani family will benefit most, if it happens. The real purpose of Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund? - to supply $billions to Adani coal project. Anti-Adani coal project activists claim they were ‘run over’ at protest.

Queensland Liberal National Party confirms its status as the Party For Fossil Fools.

Australian Energy Market Operator Chief abused by broadcaster Alan Jones, of the loony Right.


Queensland government would welcome an Elon Musk renewable energy storage project.

Renewable energy news, more.


Atmospheric CO2 Continuing to Increase.

No choice really, but to learn to live with a North Korean ICBM.

Ionising radiation's cancer effect far greater in females than in males.

Bunkers for the filthy rich: income inequality would continue after a nuclear apocalypse.

The international nuclear industry in financial meltdown.


Huge iceberg breaks away from Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica.


Climate change affecting huge numbers of children in Africa.


Yet again, hope for nuclear fusion pushed into the distant future.


Climate change: clear split between USA and everyone else at G20. Massive wildfires burn from California to the Arctic Ocean as temperature records shatter. USA Congress supports Department of Defense policy for action on climate change. Questions on safety of USA nuclear stations, risks of cyber attacks.

Senator Edward Markey calls for U.S. government to reveal details of nuclear plant cyber attacks.

Hanford to use air surveillance to track down underground radioactive hotspots.

Thorium contamination the likely cause of radioactive pollution at Missouri landfill. Thyroid cancer incidence greater in counties near to Three Mile Island nuclear accident.


UK government issues paper on its position regarding Euratom.

The nuclear problem of Euratom has the potential to derail Britain's "Brexit". Legal wrangle looms over British or EU responsibility for nuclear fuel and wastes. UK's soaring solar energy capacity - could go even higher with consumers becoming "prosumers".


Small head size and delayed body weight growth in wild Japanese monkey foetuses after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Fishermen express fury as Fukushima plant set to release radioactive material into ocean.

TEPCO chair: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water.

Japan now hoping to export Renewable Energy Technology.


France's EDF might have to shut down 17 nuclear reactors. French government spends €2.0 billion and then €2.5 billion - steps in restructuring near bankrupt nuclear corporation AREVA.


It is reported that Donald Trump will say Iran complying with nuclear deal.


Russia enthusiastically marketing latest third-generation nuclear reactors to India.


USA-South Korea bombing drill on the Korean peninsula angers North Korea.


South Korea's nuclear export plans may now be in doubt.


IAEA's Uranium bank in Kazakhstan likely to never have any customers.


Solar power at Azraq refugee camp - provided by UNHCR and Jordan government.

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Anti-nuclear group doubts Vermont Yankee cleanup plan
The company that wants to buy Vermont Yankee hasn't properly assessed the plant for radiological contamination and 'cannot know' the true cleanup cost, a Brattleboro anti-nuclear group contends.

For nuclear news items, see here and here.


COAG splits over clean energy target, but 49 Finkel ideas approved
States formalise split with Canberra over clean energy target as COAG endorses other 49 recommendations from Finkel Review.

Write off coal power? You're dreamin'
PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has told the LNP convention in Brisbane anyone who doesn't believe fossil fuels have a future is 'delusional'.

How did Australia get this stupid about clean energy?
Australia's public debate around clean energy plumbs new depths, with rebooted attacks on wind and solar, new attacks on battery storage and vehicle emission standards, and targeted attacks on key individuals. How did Australia get this stupid? And this ugly?

Government's letter to conservation groups has ominous implications
New reporting rules seem to represent a big win for the campaign by the mining sector and conservative politicians to stifle environmental advocacy.

Emissions policies 'the leading cause of political deaths'
WHEN Liberal Craig Kelly this week claimed Australia's commitment to renewable ­energy was killing Australians, he almost had it right.

This government needs to get its head around renewables


Bonanza tipped from clean power plan
QUEENSLAND has seen a clean energy boom, with unprecedented levels of renewable energy investment. And it's about to pay off.

Western Australia
Energy-saving hobbit house in WA's South West
A man from the small West Australian town of Quindalup lives in a home covered by almost 1,000 tonnes of dirt and is proud to refer to himself as a modern-day hobbit.


Climate Change

Unabated climate change would reverse the development gains in Asia: Report
Unabated climate change would bring devastating consequences to countries in Asia and the Pacific, which could severely affect their future growth, reverse current development gains, and degrade quality of life, according to a report produced by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

Fossil fuels are here to stay, despite Al Gore
AL GORE has used a business model based on fear to make himself rich, yet his every apocalyptic scenario has failed to materialise:


Ecological underpinnings of rural poverty
Deep in landlocked Africa, a miracle is unfolding. Less than a generation after a genocidal civil war left it in ruins, Rwanda is defying poverty traps that ensnare many other natural resource-dependent
developing countries.

Renewable energy not a threat to grid, draft of U.S. study finds
Wind and solar power don't pose a significant threat to the reliability of the U.S. power grid, Energy Department staff members said in a draft report, contradicting statements by their leader Rick Perry

Trump says he wasn't joking about a solar paneled border wall. President Trump has doubled down on the possibility of constructing a solar wall along the Mexico border, telling reporters aboard Air Force One that he was not "joking" when he floated the idea last month.

What people just don't get about electric vehicles
Germany's election campaign shows we still have to get our heads around how fundamentally different electric vehicles will be.

Did your phone cost a young woman her health?
If you are reading this on your computer, phone or tablet, chances are it was made in China by a worker like 18-year-old Xiao Ya.

No need to go electric to slash motor emissions
You could be forgiven for thinking that electric cars are a magic bullet for addressing everything from air quality right through to climate change.

Better to target zero emissions than 100% renewable energy
The goal, after all, is to curb global warming, not favour particular technologies.

Nature Conservation

Climate Change: Biodiversity rescues biodiversity in a warmer world
Climate change leads to loss of biodiversity worldwide. However, ecosystems with a higher biodiversity in the first place might be less affected a new study.

Polar bear attacks on people set to rise as climate changes
Dwindling sea ice is driving hungry bears on to land and towards human settlements.