[FR] Katsival - Punk Festival


Punk! Loud and chaotic for 2 days in the KTS. The bands will play on friday and saturday at 8 pm respectively. There will also be workshops, films and other interesting events on Saturday Afternoon!

1. July, begin at 8 pm:
2. July, begin at 8 pm:
More bands will be announced soon!
Supporting Programm:
On Saturday we will provide a small political supporting Programm. We're not quite finished getting everything organized, so watch for further announcements! There will also be infopoints by diverse groups where you can inform yourself about their work.
12 am, Workshop: Sam¡Basta!-Beginnersworkshop

We invite all people that want to try creative and musical forms of Protest, have interessting discussions, utilize grassroots democratic methods and more. If you just want to expierience being in a drum group and producing a lot of noise, you are also welcome! No musical or other prerequisites required, just a ibasic interesst in drums and politics!

The basis for our activities are the PGA-Hallmarks,  which you can look at if you want to gauge our political position. You'll acquire a feeling for rythmn and technik easily, we all were beginners ourselves!

If you have any questions, write us an email at: info ät sambasta dot de 

We have everything to play for!
2 pm, Films
  • "Chile: Students Battle for Free Education", Shortfilm by Submedia.tv [English, 5min]
  • "Kampf der Welten: Chaostage 1995" [German, 80min]
4 pm, Workshop (in German): Frei.Wild – „Heimat. Liebe. Fickt euch alle“ ["Homeland, Love, Fuck you all"]
Frei.wild don't just polarise with their music, but also on a political level. The debatte around the band from south Tirol was just recently rekindled due to the Echo-Award 2016, where the band got an award from the german music industrie in the categorie "Rock/Alternative National".
But what exactly is problematic about this band, that calls itself unpolitical?
In this workshop we will take a look at the way Frei.Wild presents itself through their lyrics, interviews and symbolism. Furthermore, we want to see how professional the band utilises the controversy which it provokes. We shall try to see where the roots of the debatte around the band are. What part does the band play in creating their image? And why is it legitimate to call Frei.Wild a right-wing or natinalist band?

6 pm, Films
Basler Str. 103
There are no parkings spaces!
Contact: katsival [at] riseup.net
PGP-Fingerprint: E54E 7A0D E1E8 FE88 FDE9 C351 3C8B 4915 F350 A7DF
All money will go to antirepression work.